PLEASE BEWARE: This box is only available for delivery in the following regions: United States, Europe and the Mediterranean basin.

With the participation of: Jori Hulkkonen, Antti Lötjönen

The fourth release in the unprejudiced and well received Aeon/Ilma Records impro-series presents a scandinavian quintet assembled and led by Ilma Record's producer Pekka Tuppurainen. Inspirations being drawn from cinema, historical/present athmospheres and different artforms, this bassless electroacoustic group performs a 2CD set of contemporary music with four David Bowie and David Bowie/Brian Eno compositions working as a pluralistic frame for their improvisations. Consisting of the swedish avantgarde trumpeter star Magnus Broo, saxophone virtuoso Mikko Innanen, drummer phenomen Joonas Riippa, award winning pianist Aki Rissanen and conceptual sound designer Pekka Tuppurainen this group manages to deliver both very raw and beautifully lyrical electroacoustic performances with references to/from various musical genres and still resulting as a firm 2 hour entity.