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After the great success of their first disc for Arcana featuring two unpublished masterpieces by Pergolesi, which won the ‘Diapason Découverte’ award, Giulio Prandi and the Coro e Orchestra Ghislieri return with a new recording, devoted to Niccolò Jommelli’s Requiem. Composed in 1756 for the solemn obsequies of the Duke of Württemberg’s mother, it became the most popular Requiem setting in Europe until Mozart’s, written in 1791.

Jommelli’s work, which is bound to surprise even the most seasoned enthusiast of this repertory, is dominated by a luminous intimacy that does not rely on fearsome and spectacular effects, but concentrates on vocal beauty and subtle musical narration.  The voices of Sandrine Piau and Carlo Vistoli lie at the heart of a structure in which the choir participates in an iridescent contrapuntal texture making full use of the skills gained during the composer’s years in Venice and Rome.

The outcome of a long process of research, this recording is based on a new critical edition that presents for the first time a coherent and complete score of the Requiem, and incorporates the sections in plainchant, thus restoring the authentic musical balance Jommelli intended the work’s first listeners to experience.

Le choix de France Musique award Diapason Découverte award

"(…) the first overlapping entry of soprano Sandrine Piau and countertenor Carlo Vistoli is exquisite in its poise and stasis. (...) Who would have thought two such worthy recordings of such a rarity would have been made within two months of one another? "
"Jommelli's work is dominated by a luminous intimacy that does not rely on spectacular effects, but concentrates on vocal beauty and subtle musical narration. "
Records International
"La qualité des solistes (Sandrine Piau, Carlo Vistoli, Raffaele Giordani, Salvo Vitale), très nettement supérieurs à ceux de van Heyghen, achève de trancher le débat. À connaître. "
Le Devoir
"Giulio Prandi interlaces Jommelli's elegiac setting with passages of Gregorian chant, reminding us of the work's original liturgical function and adding an air of apt solemnity. The Ghislieri Choir and Orchestra (...) are highly responsive to Prandi's ardent direction and the plainchant (sung by the Ghislieri Schola Cantorum) is supple and cleanly articulated. The soloists include a radiant Sandrine Piau."
BBC Music Magazine
"Giulio Prandi, surpasse van Heyghen, que le cadre sonore place dans une ambiance trop réverbérante. Prandi accentue le recueillement par des tempos tenus et plus retenus et l'interpolation de chant grégorien plonge dès le début l'œuvre dans une tout autre ambiance. "
Le Devoir
"Outhere's sound, from the Gustav Mahler Hall at the Kulturzentrum Grand Hotel in Dobbiaco, Italy, is magnificent and is just one more attraction in a performance that may well remake the everyday 18th century choral repertory. "