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Anna Prohaska asked Wolfgang Katschner and the Lautten Compagney at the outset of the coronavirus crisis whether they shouldn’t spontaneously organize a musical get-together in this period. This has now resulted in Redemption.
This is a sequence of music selected solely from Bach cantatas, compiled in keeping with the aforenamed conceptual association. Redemption has multiple meanings, for instance: can music give us consolation in times of sickness and crisis; can it open up emotional and contemplative spaces for us; is it redemptive for us as musicians to be the “instruments” in engendering music and therefore spirituality… ?
Besides Anna as soloist and three other singers, Redemption features a larger group of musicians – around twenty instrumentalists. These musicians serve a dual role: they expertly accompany the arias that Anna sings and they also represent the concept of human interaction and a shared collective experience which has been missing during these times.

"The use of chamber forces here — a chorus of four voices, a lithe ensemble (Wolfgang Katschner's Lautten Compagney) — seem to bring all the arias' dramas and emotions across your doorstep and into your home, while Prohaska's voice and phrasing, so honest, direct and fresh, perfectly reflects Bach's delight in sorrow transformed into joy."
The Times
"Prohaska is in beautiful voice, her tone even and silvery, her coloratura accurate and expressive. (…) Extraordinarily moving, it really does offer consolation in dark times. Do listen to it. "
"A happy conjunction of artistic concept with challenging circumstances. "
BBC Music Magazine
"Anna Prohaska sings with a very sonours and supple voice, and a fine personal interpretation of the material which contains a whole palette of feelings."