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One hour and fifty-four minutes — this is the total time of Wolfgang Mitterer's computer track, which is not only based on digital sounds but for the most part consists of concrete sounds and noises, which were electronically manipulated in the composer's private studio. The tape provides a formal structure that links the two rather disparate pieces: Radio Fractal loosely follows the theory of fractals reflected in fragile, multistructured sound patterns until after about forty minutes when Beat Music gradually sets in with its throbbing pulses and hard beats. The eight-channel tape, however, has only the function of an "acoustic scenery". On the one hand, the seven musicians get graphically notated directions on who is to take the lead at a given moment and which dynamic parameters are to dominate the music along the exact time code of 1°54’. But on the other hand, they are free to determine the music they play according to their skills, for Mitterer's collage leaves enough space for free improvisation. The result is thus an intriguing mix of the structural approaches in the area of contemporary composed music as well as elements of experimental pop, new electronic music and jazz. — Reinhard Kager (translated by Friederike Kulcsar)