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The Danel Quartet has marked these past few years with two complete cycles of reference: Shostakovich and Weinberg. But the genes are French, and Debussy is the mother tongue. Paying homage to the composer of Pelléas in 2012 was all the more natural in that the quartet is based in Brussels, a city that played an important role in the composer's development. The Quartet, dedicated to the Ysaÿe Quartet, was played there in the winter of 1894; and the Danses were commissioned by the Brussels Royal Conservatory for its chromatic harp class, a magical instrument of which Francette Bartholomée is the attentive guardian. As for the Trio, a youthful score long ignored, its resurrection owes something to Daniel Blumenthal. So it is into their garden that the performers invite us to savour a refined repast.