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2008 Messiaen year 1936: foundation of the group Jeune France created in a spirit of musical cohesion, quality and friendship. Whereas the conditions of life become more and more difficult, often mechanical and impersonal, the role of music is to bring to its lovers its spiritual violence and its generous reactions. In this context, four French composers belonging to diverse religious, ideological and philosophical tendencies decided to react against the prevailing neo-classicism: Olivier Messiaen, Andr Jolivet ,They united to propagate "live" music, which beats to the tune of spirituality and human life. Daniel-Lesur and Yves Baudrier. Three common features unite the works performed on this record: the theme of love, interpreted according to the personalities and sensitivities of the composers, the choice of texts emanating form very diverse sources (biblical or personal) and the use of onomatopoeias and finally the harmony produced by the organist and head of the Choir Marcel Couraud. 2008 will be the centenary of the births of Olivier Messiaen and Daniel-Lesur. On this occasion, Catherine Simonpietri and the vocal ensemble of soloists "Sequenza 9.3", whose achievements were awarded a Diapason d'or in 2006, have decided to honour the composers through this beautiful recording.

5 Diapason award 4 étoiles Monde de la Musique award Clef ResMusica award