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While Rwanda was essentially made up of populations of Hutu bantu farmers (87%) and Tutsis (9%) in the eighties, the Twa pygmy people only account for a paltry 0.5% of the population. Yet the Twa are the original indigenous element of this country. Rwandan society acknowledges that they are superb potters, remarkable dancers, and enthusiastic singers. They are mainly known for their unique polyphonic chanting, as well as for their dynamic dances and pantomimes. Currently, it is very difficult to ascertain whether this polyphony predates the arrival of the Bantu people from the 3rd century onwards. Their collective character, however, suggests the typical need for solidarity of a people that are under the threat of marginalisation.

Recorded in Rwanda between 1973 and 1986 by Jos Gansemans. 

Original booklet available below in English, French and Flemish.

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