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Thomas Dieltjens, piano/Wibert Aerts, violin/Toon Fret, flute/Benjamin Dieltjens, clarinet/Martijn Vink, cello Total Time: 54'49 HET COLLECTIEF ensemble and his partners on this project have the requested profile for a perfect performance of Schönberg's first masterworks : youth, full commitment, impressive technical skill, intense poetry. In this program, the listener will find the first Kammersymphonie (1906), a founding work which Schönberg asked his disciple Webern to arrange in 1922 to performed by a pianist, a flutist, a clarinetist, a violinist and a cellist the same forces as in the famous Pierrot Lunaire, composed in 1912 on poems by the Belgian symbolist Albert Giraud. Dutch soprano Jacqueline Janssen is the ideal interpreter of this iconic page, under conducting of young German Robin Engelen - a new star whom Lothar Zagrosek give full trust, as we can judge by looking at the programs of the outstanding Stuttgart Opera. A pure delight !

Exceptional SCHERZO award R 9Classica award