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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Blandine Rannou: 

"We harpsichordists are very odd people: we worship our instrument, its quills, its strings, its keys, but we’re constantly trying to make it sound like something else! The mellowness of the fl ute, the length of bow and dynamics of the violin, the consonants and vowels of singers, the regular measures of dancers, and of course the profundity and gravity of the viola da gamba.

For instance, these pieces by Forqueray, originally written for the viola da gamba – the instrument on which he was a peerless virtuoso from a very early age – are an absolute delight on the harpsichord. The low tessitura in which they move – since they were transcribed without being transposed any higher – is precisely the range in which the French harpsichord of the eighteenth century possesses the greatest richness and fullness. If you sit up close to it, in the hollow of the instrument, or at the manuals with the lid fl ap open, you’re immediately invaded by sound, enveloped in sound. That’s what one experiences with these superb pieces by Forqueray. Here we’re not talking about brilliance but about mellowness, resonance, matter, in both the stormy pieces and the more tender ones.

I wanted to make this complete Forqueray recording in 2007 as a sort of homage to sound."

- Blandine Rannou