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Release date: March 2017

Piano e Forte, the new project of the talented jazz pianist Bram de Looze, combines creativity, spontaneity and passion. Bram reinvents jazz composition and improvisation through the unique decision to play on three different period pianos from the collection of the instrument maker Chris Maene, each of which necessitates a very different stylistic approach from the other two.

In building his complex musical structures, mingling jazz and contemporary music, he chooses to mould his playing style according to the action, timbre, resonance and volume of each instrument. Navigating between the warm, rounded sonorities of an original Érard of 1838, the precise and crystalline dynamics of a reproduction of an eighteenth-century instrument by Anton Walter, and the transparent sound of a copy of a Pleyel Concert Grand dating from 1843, the young prodigy of Belgian jazz achieves a balanced alternation of moods, mixing fragments of works or idiomatic expressive devices of the nineteenth century with spontaneous ideas while still preserving the specific character of each instrument.

With the free spirit for which he is well known, Bram de Looze has elaborated here a personal work that is at once innovative and profound.