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« Tenderness, kisses, desire, jealousy, quarrels, teasing, despair, lamentation – all these feelings and passions are admirably served by poetry, and marvellously depicted in the musical repertory of seventeenth-century Italy. The format of ‘madrigali a due voci’ provides an ideal framework for these amorous jousts.

In this recording, the duet is also a mirror of our lives. The music is rich in ‘clashes’ and ‘dissonances’ which create tensions, and those tensions are then resolved in the unison, the osmosis of two voices at last reunited.

Tender words of love (parole d’amore) alternate with boldly characterised quarrels (querele) – the affects dictated by the music and the poetry colour the voices.

This recording might be seen as a symbol of the confusion of music and life: the words are spoken with the voice and sung with the heart. »

Agnès Mellon

5 Diapason award Coup de Coeur Charles CROS award 4 étoiles Classica award