• Parle qui veut: Moralizing Songs of the Middle Ages

    Sollazzo Ensemble

    Parle qui veut: Moralizing Songs of the Middle Ages 1 cd CKD 529
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Sollazzo Ensemble makes its recording debut following its prize-winning performance at the highly respected biennial York Early Music International Young Artists Competition. Comprising sopranos Perrine Devillers and Yukie Sato, tenor Vivien Simon, medieval fiddles Anna Danilevskaia and Sophia Danilevskaia, and harpist Vincent Kibildis, this vibrant young ensemble offers a fresh perspective on mediaeval repertoire. On Parle qui veut the performers embrace the exuberant style of flourishing melodies which was fashionable in the north of Italy in the fourteenth century. In contrast, a different kind of expressivity is required for the sober and succinct aesthetic of the works with French provenance. Sollazzo creates a pure, bright sound, enhanced by the songs’ incredibly open textures and the use of the rarely heard Pythagorean temperament. All in all, this represents a remarkable debut.

Diapason d'Or award GRAMOPHONE Editor's Choice award BBCMusic Choice award

"This is an exceptional release, and the most enjoyable early music collection I've encountered...It's phenomenal: excitement, sensuality and sheer fun abound."
The Arts Desk
"This music requires attentive listening and should be savored slowly...in order to capture all the nuances, allusions, metaphors and classic references of this refined and at times enigmatic art."
Giornale Della Musica
"This has to be one of the most exciting and engaging releases of medieval song in recent years...absolutely bewitching."
"The Sollazzo Ensemble brilliantly express text and flavour. SP"
Sunday Times