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As bizarre as this may seem, Eric Watson and Christof Lauer had never recorded solo before even though the Paris-based American pianist and German saxophonist had already met. Christof lent his voice to “Road Movies”, an album Eric recorded in a quartet with Mark Dresser on bass and Eg Thigpen on drums. The two share a sense of discipline and a passion for liberty. Eric has a solid background in classical music and has shown he is capable of lyricism and rigor in his interpretations of works such as those of US composer Charles Ive. Christof has long been immersed in the free jazz movement, which is in Germany spearheaded by trombone player Albert Mangelsdorff. Their thirty years of practice and experience(s) has allowed them to position themselves as players of a jazz of the most authentic kind. Though they are demanding with themselves, Christof and Eric have been kind with each other in “Out of Print”, treating the other not as a rival but as a companion. The material for this album was composed by Eric who has taken little glory for this work. The exchanges with Christof are nervous, vigorous, fiery even. They are a dialog of equals. Together they cut to the essential in a language that is uncompromising, exploiting to the full the riches of their instruments and - for good measure - their travels together through faraway lands. Amateurs of sweet-sounding, consensual melodies: be on your way. Lovers of raspy dialogues and heartrending surges, this “Out of Print” is especially for you!