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Jealousy, tenderness, loneliness and longing, desire, unattainability, sensuality, frustration, love, lust and loss in all their configurations come together in OSSESSO. The old masters allow us no escape from the painfully vivid portrayals of their experiences. Tromboncino and Gesualdo exemplify the extremes of which obsessiveness is capable, in their music as in their lives; in this sense, they are precursors to Phil Spector, Sid Vicious, or Bertrand Cantat. – A selection of absolutely touching madrigals about love and affliction that represent the kaleidoscope of feelings and emotions of their composers, be it in the late Middle Ages or in the Renaissance, interspersed with some instrumental pieces.

"I love the generous acoustic and the strong quality of the recording, and I especially like the use of these gentle instruments and the overall atmosphere of the disc; I just wish that it had been a little more focused in its programming. However, there is some wonderfully expressive, as well as energetic and agile, singing here, and some fine music making all round."
MusicWeb International