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Nicola Antonio PORPORA (1686-1768) Notturni per i Defunti Nicola FIORENZA (FL. 1726-1764) Sinfonia a due violini basso in fa minore Sinfonia a violoncello solo con violini e basso in fa maggiore Monica PICCININI, soprano - Romina BASSO, alto LA STAGIONE ARMONICA (Choir Master: Sergio BALESTRACCI) DOLCE & TEMPESTA/Stefano DEMICHELI. An outstanding Italian musican, Stefano Demicheli has been long time René Jacobs closest assistant, and with him performed on many of Europes main opera stages. A distinguished harpsichordist, who studied with Ottavio Dantone, he is now the leader of the Dolce & Tempesta ensemble, constituted by some of the best soloists from the European top of the period instruments ensembles. Fuga Libera has been enthusiast about their project and its discographic volet. The first recording is resolutely original, as it gives us a world first release of the three Notturni composed in c. 1740 by Porpora, Handels strongest rival in London, for the All Souls Day in Naples. Carried by one of the most powerfully expressive texts in the Christian religion, here is a nice discovery, full of surprises, where to listen two fascinating soloists: Monica Piccinini and Romina Basso, and also the Stagione Armonica in Padova. Interpolated are the two highly seductive Sinfoniae by Fiorenza, which give the finishing touch to this major new release!

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5 stars MUSICA award