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Natalis Cordat (ca1610-1663), was a country vicar who wrote very refined and aristocratic nols while Nicolas Saboly (1614-1678), is the caustic master of an Avignon Chapel , writer of small pieces in a popular vain. They both echo and contrast each other. Their Christmas pieces illustrate the interesting diversity of Occitan masters, mixing popular and learned traditions, the profane and the religious, local and universal, French and Langue d'Oc. The Camera delle Lacrime approaches these nols in a most delightful way. They perfectly catch the historical context of these works, which originate in medieval mystery plays, and which were very popular in the 16th and 17th centuries. Such a performance is the trademark of this ensemble, whose variable configuration allows it to interpret many types of ancient music including popular traditions and songs in French as well as in Occitan. By the way : none of Natalis Cordat's nols has ever been recorded !