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Ned Rorem is one of the most widely-recorded living American composers, who Time Magazine called 'the world's best composer of art songs', with over 500 songs to his name.

The dynamic Prince Consort comprises five singers and a pianist, all of whom are drawing major international attention for their solo endeavours. Brought together by their love of singing this repertoire, Anna Leese, Jennifer Johnston, Andrew Staples, Jacques Imbrailo, Tim Mead and Alisdair Hogarth are a compelling combination. This is their debut album.

Ned Rorem - On an echoing road features songs that are lyrical, beguiling and unaffectedly simple, intriguing, melodic and intimate. They have echoes of French, English and American song repertoires whilst being distinctively Ned Rorem. New York magazine called Evidence of Things Not Seen 'one of the musically richest, most exquisitely fashioned, most voice-friendly collections of songs I have ever heard by any American composer'.