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Erkki-Sven Tüür, born in Estonia in 1959, writes music that is characterised by intense energetic transformation. The intuitive and rational approach is synthesised into a complete organic system. He is the composer of nine symphonies, ten concertos, numerous chamber works and an opera. Dedicated to his compatriot Paavo Järvi and composed to mark the centenary of the Estonian Republic in 2018, Tüür’s Ninth Symphony is entitled Mythos. According to the composer, this refers to the myths that arise about nations and how they have acquired their independence, and also deals with the long history of the Finno-Ugric peoples. Paavo Järvi and his Estonian Festival Orchestra have made the world premiere recording of this work, along with The Incantation of Tempest (Ormiloits, 2004), dedicated to the Estonian composer Veljo Tormis, and Sow the Wind, composed in 2015, inspired by climatic ‘gusts of wind’ and ‘whirlwinds’.

"The result is a powerful striking new work, a world away from any sort of nationalistic tub-thumping, and a major addition to the symphonic repertoire. (…) The sound is terrific and the recording captures both the excitement of a premiere and the depth and complexity of the writing. [...] You could buy this disc for the outstanding orchestral performances or for the powerful new works, or both; but you should indeed buy it."
Planet Hugill
"A superb release with much to offer; the Ninth Symphony is a must-hear."
MusicWeb International