The reinvention by the three françois of the Frederico Mompou’s music is miraculous…

Constantly on the look-out for Mompou’s fundamental idea – that ‘search for sonorous solitude’ mentioned by Jankélevitch, when ‘music has become the very voice of silence, when silence itself is made music’ – they explore, in this work often said to be reduced to its essence, the phenomena of resonance; going beyond minimalism and purely aesthetic effects, they interrogate this form of allusive, playful musical innocence, cultivating the sidestep.

In a subtle interplay of elegant concentration, sometimes deceptively lightweight, the three improvisers distil radiant gems in sound, the result of their preferences (and, above all, not of their premises), which in their restrained emotion defined by avoidances, foreshortenings, ellipses, match the intimate inner monologue of the Catalan composer, that aesthetic of the ineffable with which they have very serious fun.

Bernard Aimé

4 étoiles Jazz Mag award