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Coltrane, Miles, Ornette, Monk… :

Ronnie Lynn Patterson transcends the legends on a celestial promenade.


Ronnie Lynn Patterson : Piano

Francois Moutin : Bass

Louis Moutin : Drums


There is nothing like the “standards” to judge a musician’s skills; he can take the easy route or fail with a sacrilege. Ronnie Lynn Patterson knows how to avoid those traps. An ex-drummer converted to piano; rock and soul fan that came to jazz; he doesn’t use the master composers (Coleman, Coltrane, David, Monk, the ones of the American popular song, starting with Rodgers & Hart) to forge a reputation; he is devoted to this repertoire with a passionate respect. The poetry that irradiated from Mississippi, released in 2003 by Jean-Jacques Pussiau, the same producer on his former label Night Bird Music is to be revealed here again. Born in Wichita (Kansas), Patterson reveals a musical personality that borrows various influences: Rachmaninov, Morton Feldman, Keith Jarret. With the latter, tsar of the piano, Patterson shares a sheer pleasure of playing. Radiant, he avoids the effects of needless virtuosity. His favourite playgrounds are the summit of the dream and the depth of the reflection. On Coltrane’s Lazy Bird, the beat is sustained at an impressive up-tempo. In All Blues and Blue in Green, from the masterwork Kind of Blue (Miles Davis-Bill Evans), the mood is nonchalant and emotional. On the paths of this celestial promenade, this too rare pianist has chosen two road mates, both rich in sensibility and in listening ability. Ronnie Lynn had already recorded with drummer Louis Moutin. Today, he joins forces with Louis’ twin François and their complicity is marvellous. Each brother integrates himself into the universe of the pianist-leader and expresses his musicality in a very smooth way (listen to the double bass solos onMoon and Sand and the drum solo on Blues Connotation). Without any brusqueness, with generosity and freshness, Ronnie Lynn Patterson gives birth to a “full” album.

No doubt, “Music” keeps the promises of its title!