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With the participation of: Dorothee Mields, Zsuzsi Tóth, Maria Keohane, Damien Guillon, Robin Blaze, Thomas Hobbs, Hans Jörg Mammel, Peter Kooij, Stephan MacLeod

Although a lot of mystery shrouds their conception, Bach’s motets count amongst his works which were played uninterruptedly in Leipzig from their origin up until now. For this reason interpretative traditions have overlapped in the course of the centuries in these six remarkable pages. Philippe Herreweghe, at the light of recent research, has found inspiration in the Leipzig practices. These traditions give these motets all their glamour, whilst given them stark relief with very different configurations (simple and double chorus, basso continuo, varied instrumentation). Led by outstanding soloists, Collegium Vocale Gent is at the peak of its art. A new version destined to become a milestone!

Muzyka 21 award Supersonic PIZZICATO award 5 Diapason award Choc Classica award