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After La Valse à mille temps (FUG 577), Jan Michiels and Inge Spinette (the Yin-Yang Duo) return with a new two-piano programme for Fuga Libera.

“This recording pays tribute to Bach, Bartók and Kurtág, and also to two legendary piano duos: Dittá and Béla Bartók, and Márta and György Kurtág.

We don’t compose music ourselves; that’s why we have composed . . . a programme; with a “monument” by Bartók – one of the greatest pianists of his time – accompanied by Bach chorales in a Kurtágian landscape . . .” (Jan Michiels).

A recording that highlights the strength of the union of two minds, which – like Dittá and Béla Bartók, Márta and György Kurtág, and . . . Inge Spinette and Jan Michiels – can phrase music with a rare degree of intensity and acuity.