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After its previous discs dedicated to the Arabo-Andalousian universe, the Aromates ensemble offers us a visit in the world of the Balkan's perfumes. These Bulgarian, Macedonian and Greek melodies have been influenced by the Persian, Ottoman and European music. They are characterized by the so-called 'Aksak', lame rhythms.

Means of transport for this journey: a caravan...loaded with clever mixes, from East and West, between the virtuosity of classic musicians and their thirst to discover and have us discover new horizons and, most of all, new interpretations of music of very ancient origins...between the story of people that have found or imagined a fatherland at a given time... and the sufferings lived throughout the centuries. But it is also a journey between sea and sun, villages feasts, kitchen odours with open windows and flowers and traditional perfumes...The Balkans, a region beaten by the 'wind of wars' but blooming by the interactions of diverse civilizations. Civilizations that never stopped meeting, flirting, influencing, and creating a cultural magma that is inseparable, indefinable even, unique...and of course, exquisite.