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A native of Namur, Philippe Rogier was a member of the Capilla Flamenca in Madrid. He was one of the musicians in charge of the marriage ceremony between the Infanta Doña Catalina and Duke Charles-Emmanuel of Savoy that was celebrated in Saragossa on 11 March 1585. This ceremony is reconstituted here with a mass and motets by Philippe Rogier and a "proprium" in Gregorian chant from the Mozarabian repertory. A native of Liège, Matthieu Rosmarin spent his whole career at the Court of Spain where he was known as Matteo Romero. Master of music for Philip III and Philip IV, he was the last important composer of the period when the music of the Spanish Chapel was dominated by the "fiamminghi". The Mass recorded here is composed for three choirs; we present it in the splendid context of an Office for the Order of the Golden Fleece, the order of which Romero was clerk.