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Franck Bedrossian is one of France's most brilliant young composers. He is an explorer of sound, keeping an ear out to its possibilities. Silence, beginnings, resonances, explosion.

The musical universe of Franck Bedrossian redraws possible geographies with his double culture: Pop/Rock and contemporary music. A fervent defender of speculative writing, he intends to break the silence of pure research and make his voice heard. He sets complex sounds like the paradigm of a new music having integrated the 'sound-energy' of Varèse as well as the 'gesture-sound' of jazz free. One must listen to most of the works in this monograph by that standard, in particular Manifesto, It and Propaganda, works composed or revised between June 2006 and June 2008 when this Prix de Rome winner was in residence at the Villa Médicis.

5 Diapason award