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Rosemary Standley, a Franco-American singer with a gentle, charismatic voice, tackles Baroque repertory with sobriety and elegance. She is accompanied by the ensemble of Bruno Helstroffer, a guitarist and lutenist at the crossroads between ‘early’ and ‘modern’ worlds, made up of musicians who specialise in early instruments (harpsichord, organ, viola da gamba, serpent). Love, I Obey is the evocative title of a poignant tribute to ballads that seem to warp time. Yes, the music comes from the past, but those who perform it are steeped in the present. One listens to Love, I Obey like a proposition and experiences it like a fantasy, with its everyday stories that give us an insight into History with a capital ‘H’. The in-depth research pursued like a musical detective by the group’s harpsichordist Elisabeth Geiger restores to life pieces forgotten for 400 years, such as the title song by William Lawes: Love, I Obey.

Collection: Chant de la Terre

ffff Télérama award Le choix de France Musique award