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With the participation of: Raphaël Imbert, Joe Martin, Gerald Cleaver, Stephan Caracci

After his New_York Project, which excited much attention in the press in 2009, Raphaël Imbert again draws his inspiration from the Afro-American tradition and his personal experiences based on cultural exchange and his own Provençal roots.

On his return from a month of musical exploration of Dixieland, that other key environment of American jazz, and his research into the workings of improvisation (a project under the auspices of IMPROTECH – CNRS, EHESS, LAHIC, IRCAM), Raphaël Imbert took up residence at ‘Le Tracteur’, a restaurant and exchange forum in the Upper Provence countryside, in order to record with his quartet his new suite USUITE, a document of his journey to the American South, with Joe Martin, Gerald Cleaver, and Stéphane Caracci on vibraphone.

‘A South that cultivates curious resemblances with “my” South, the Provence region, in its relationship with rurality, its shared culture of town and country, its distrust of a North seen as historically implacable and offensive, and a tradition of oral exchange which has retained its musical particularities in the USA to a much greater extent than in France.’ - Raphaël Imbert


Raphaël Imbert offers us here a new composition steeped in these varied experiences.

4 étoiles Jazz Mag award