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Yet another unknown section of French music which remains to be discovered! Béranger, who was hugely successful during the whole of the 19th century, was considered the « Balzac » of song writing, at a time when this genre, far from being considered minor, occupied a respectable place in the literary world. Political songs, social and religious satire, no subject escaped Béranger, especially not a provocative one!
The baritone Arnaud Marzorati, mainstay of Le Poème Harmonique, is supported by two outstanding accompanists, Freddy Eichelberger at the pianino and Yves Rechsteiner at the harmonium. Let's rejoice that this unique instrumental combination, which had rather fallen into oblivion at the beginning of the 20th century, now finds the visibility it deserves. It completely changes our perception of a repertoire that had been erroneously tagged as "minor" and which can offer us considerable pleasure.

5 Diapason award R 9Classica award 4 étoiles Monde de la Musique award