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The ‘Eric Clapton of the lute’ (BBC Magazine) comes back to the Alpha microphones, this time with the soprano Anna Reinhold. Here, Thomas Dunford applies his truly prodigious virtuosity to the eight Toccatas from the first book by Meister Kapsberger, giving us a veritable concert such as the composer himself might have proposed with, in counterpoint to the toccatas, a few of the loveliest airs by Caccini, Merula et al.

The beauty of Anna Reinhold’s voice (a young talent noticed especially in William Christie’s ‘Jardin des voix’) has a freshness and energy that bring to mind the young performers at work in Alpha’s earliest recordings. This goes to prove that there still remains much distance to cover in the discovery of Baroque art.

Le choix de France Musique award Choc Classica award