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« It doesn’t go, it dances »: Prince de Ligne’s quote about the way the Vienna Congress (1814-15) was going remains meaningful two centuries later. Notwithstanding fox-trot, calypso, rock and rap, the waltz continues to express the way the world goes around. On their splendid 1892 Pleyel, recorded at the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles, Jan Michiels and Inge Spinette invite us to follow them on an exceptional course, where Schubert, Brahms, R. Strauss and Ravel are interspersed with Wolfgang Rihm’s delectable « Kurze Walzer ». You can listen to this four hands piano recital as if you were watching a beautiful choral film: you will leave retaining countless images, colours and characters, with a satisfied mind and a tender smile.