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This album marked a turning point in the history of the ALPHA label and the discography of the early 2000s! Its blend of Baroque specialist musicians, period instruments and traditional music from southern Italy scored a critical and public success that shows no sign of diminishing today. The quality of the singers and instrumentalists and the quest for an authentic interpretation of the repertories they perform established the reputation of L’Arpeggiata, which, under the direction of its founder Christina Pluhar, continues to champion this music all over the world. In 2011, Philippe Claudel made abundant use of La Tarantella for the music of his film Tous les soleils. Now ALPHA is reissuing La Tarantella on vinyl, with the complete musical programme in a double LP set, a sleeve note by Christina Pluhar (available in three languages, English, French and German) and the full sung texts.

The vinyl packaging includes an individual code enabling the buyer to download the album.