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With the recording of the Sonates sans basse TWV 40:101-106 on the baroque flute and violin, Italian flautist Matteo Gemolo and Italian violinist Patrizio Germone wish to revive the richness of timbres, dynamics and counterpoint that shines through their first print publication made by G. P. Telemann in Hamburg in 1727. Too long regarded as mere recreational and didactic music, they approach this collection with a refreshing appraisal and without preconceptions. The match between the baroque flute and violin helps to restore the contrapunctual and imaginative Telemann’s writing with a more defined degree of transparency and a wider range of sound possibilities than that obtained by using two instruments from the same family such as two flutes, recorders or violins. This rich and expressive instrumental combination does not leave room for any kind of nostalgia towards the missing bass line. 
Together with a few Fantasias, the alternation between the solos and duets allows to appreciate even better the extravagance and vivacity of the German genius.