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With the participation of: Emöke Barath, Giuseppina Bridelli, Xavier Sabata, Luca Cervoni, Gabriella Martellacci, Riccardo Novaro

Alessandro Stradella’s place in the annals of the history of music is not only due to the adventurous circumstances that marked his brief existence, but also to the reputation as a opera composer he has acquired since the 18th century. Inaccessible for many decades to specialists and scholars, La Doriclea is definitely the least known of all Stradella’s operas. However, it constitutes a particularly significant chapter in his overall output: composed in Rome during the early 1670s, to our knowledge La Doriclea represents the first opera entirely composed by Stradella.
From the dramatic point of view, La Doriclea belongs to the comedy of intrigue genre typical of the 17th century Spanish theatre tradition. Refined and amusing, it alternates touching lamentos with irresistibly comic scenes, in which the character of Giraldo, a veritable precursor of the basso buffo, allows us to glimpse Rossinian atmospheres.
Emőke Baráth (Doriclea) and Xavier Sabata (Fidalbo) alongside Giuseppina Bridelli (Lucinda) and Luca Cervoni (Celindo) and the comic couple of Delfina (Gabriella Martellacci) and Giraldo (Riccardo Novaro) bring a complex and fascinating role-playing game to life.

This world premiere release of La Doriclea is a major achievement for The Stradella Project, which here reaches its fifth volume.

‘Through his festival and recording project, Andrea De Carlo is raising the profile of this pioneering Italian composer’ - David Vickers – GRAMOPHONE  

Preis der Deutschen Schallplatten Kritik award

"Emoke Barath is a feisty Doriclea and nowhere more so than in her encounter with Xavier Sabata's Fidalbo in Act II. But it's Gabriella Martellaci's rich contralto as the worldly-wise Delfina that lingers on the ear, and the magnificent music-making from Il Pomo d'Oro."
BBC Music Magazine
"a thrilling musical experience (…) Andrea De Carlo sustains that ebullience magnificently with Il Pomo d'Oro."
Records International