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With the participation of: La Petite Bande, Gustav Leonhardt, Choeur de Chambre de Namur

Long ago, Ricercar was the very first label to request famous musicians like Gustav Leonhardt (1980) or Marc Minkowski (1994) to produce recordings of lyrical works by Grétry. At the time, few if any opera houses showed interest in the compositions of the undisputed creator of the "opéra comique". These first recordings, made under exceptionally favourable conditions, have played a major part in the rediscovery of Grétry's repertoire, which now features prominently on an increasing number of scenes.
La Caravane du Caire is one of the rare works that Grétry composed for the Académie royale that respected the conventions of the institution. Full of verve and colour, this opera with its Eastern subject was one of the greatest successes of his career. A few exotic touches and the presence of a ballet also contributed to the score's success.
Le Jugement de Midas is an opéra comique; in it Grétry observes the quarrels between the advocates and adversaries of various operatic styles that rocked Paris with a humour that is particularly his own.