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With the participation of: Arnaud Thorette, Johan Farjot, Geneviève Laurenceau, Maud Ferry, Antoine Pierlot, Yann Dubost

How can one explain the variety of deep and almost violent joy which suddenly seizes La Bonne Chanson? . . . For the word “joy” is not too strong for this exultation which all the composer’s discretion does not suffice to contain.’ Vladimir Jankélévitch

La Bonne Chanson in its version for voice and piano quintet is the musical meeting-point between Karine Deshayes and the artists of the Ensemble Contraste, all great lovers of and specialists in French music. Zig-Zag Territoires has been following Karine Deshayes’s recording career since her first recital disc featuring Fauré’s Le Jardin clos and La Chanson d’Ève, released in September 2009, and continues to accompany the Ensemble Contraste in its development after the release of its CD Café 1930 (Piazzolla) in January 2009.

A reinterpretation of the works of Gabriel Fauré by a new generation of musicians.

5 Diapason award Irr outstanding award Clef ResMusica award 4 étoiles Classica award