• Arnold Schœnberg, Maurice Ravel, Sergei Rachmaninov, Gabriel Fauré, Sergei Prokofiev

    L'avant-guerre 1911-1914

    Jan Vande Weghe

    L'avant-guerre 1911-1914 1 cd FUG 701
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A Kaleidoscope of pre-war piano works Serge RACHMANINOV : Etudes-Tableaux op. 33; Arnold SCHÖNBERG : Sechs Kleine Klavierstücke op. 19; MAaurice RAVEL : Valses nobles et sentimentales; Serge PROKOFIEV : Sarcasmes op. 17; Gabriel FAURÉ : Nocturne n°11 in F sharp minor op. 104/1 Jan VANDE WEGHE, piano. At first glance, it could sound surprising: in one and the same CD, Schönberg, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev and Fauré all rubbing shoulders! When we associate composers with a style, we generally also associate them with a period, albeit approximately. Yet do we always realise that Rachmaninov, readily considered a retrograde composer, a conservative romantic, was active at the same time as Schönberg, and that Fauré wrote his final masterpieces after the shockwaves of The Rite of Spring? The pianist Jan Vande Weghe gives us the opportunity to touch to all these correspondences and to the richness of this world in which the first signs of the bloody banquet of 1914s begin to reflect.