• Antonio Vivaldi

    L'Amore per Elvira

    La Serenissima, Adrian Chandler, Lawson Mhairi

    L'Amore per Elvira 1 cd CKR281
    Linn Records

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In 2006 La Serenissima released its superb debut recording featuring two world première recordings (of ‘Graz’ Sonatas 2 and 3). L’Amore per Elvira, written for the Mantuan court around 1716–20, consists of three cantatas, each featuring soprano Mhairi Lawson. In Tremori al braccio, RV 799 the lover, Fileno, trembles at his inability to confess his love to Elvira, only overcoming his reticence in the finale. In the second work Elvira, anima mia, RV 654, Fileno bears the sad tidings to Elvira that he must leave for a while and asks for one last kiss before he leaves. In the final work, Lungi dal vago volto, RV 680, the returning Fileno spies Elvira in the distance and he finally reaches her in the happy concluding aria. The two ‘Graz’ sonatas, housed in the Diözesanarchiv in Graz, are presented here for the first time. Their bass parts, which were previously missing, have been carefully reconstructed by Adrian Chandler in order to make the recording possible. The final work, the Sonata in C minor for violin and cello, RV 83, represents the only sonata of this type known to have been written by Vivaldi and is notable for its three-movement concerto layout.