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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Les Witches:  

"Europe wasn’t a recent concept even at this period. Since the late fi fteenth century, musicians had travelled as much as, if not more than they do now! That led to great diversity of repertory. The most cultivated courts fell over themselves to obtain the services of the fi nest composers, singers and instrumentalists at hugely infl ated prices just as cities do with footballers today: altra tempora, altra mores!"

- Claire Michon

"Published editions also enabled music to circulate: the works of Scheidt, Dowland or Robinson could be played all over Europe; even Mogens Pedersøn, assistant director of the royal chapel in Copenhagen, had lived and worked for several years in Venice and in London. By contrast, it would seem that Schop, Lorenz, Vierdanck, Maercker, and still more Borchgrevinck and Gistou, had more local careers, limited to the Hanseatic cities at most."

- Pascale Bosquet