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Everything Oddjob undertakes turns to gold; an observation that has resulted, since 2002, in three Grammy Awards, a Manifest Galan Music Award and a Grand Prix de l’Académie Charles Cros, rewarding five of the ten albums the group has released over the last twenty years. After the release of three thematic albums, this tenth recording, Kong, brings together for the first time in ten years the original compositions of the five members of the collective founded in 1997. The artists mould atmospheric music, allowing each individual personality to emerge while maintaining an implacable group dynamic. Smart grooves and incursions into electronics give this recording a sonic texture as rich as it is creative, as delicate as it is multifaceted, brushing against mysteriously captivating landscapes. But it is also and above all the unique working method, on the borderline between science and jazz, between rock and contemporary music, capable of organising its sound with an almost mathematical approach, that marks out this quintet as one of the most audacious combos on the Scandinavian jazz scene.