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For the French composer Pascal Dusapin, making music means becoming another. It is a vitalist act in a world of constant change where all is movement and returns to the movement that engendered it. What is at stake in music, says the composer, is to become (the) other through listening, to become the other of the instrument.
In the first place, this collection of pieces for solo cello offers a wide-ranging insight into the exceptional nature of his imaginative melodic universe. From the avant-garde expressive tumult influenced by Iannis Xenakis or the more intuitive, Scelsi-like sonic flux of his works of the 1980s to the new possibilities presented, after his discovery of traditional song, by the modes of Arabic, Armenian and Occitan music, the pieces on this disc create an immediate auditory fascination and clearly illustrate the multiple expressive voices of the instrument.
This music is distinguished by its infinitely inventive flux, its fascinating melodic contours, shifting between an energy of entrancement and the delicacy of more refined textures in seductive melodic surprises. We hear a remarkably imaginative sound-world that leads us towards other ways of looking at ourselves, other ways of looking at listening. All music remains a mysterious art. The issue at stake in ‘becoming music’ is the experience of sound in infinitely subtle listening.  

Coup de Coeur Charles CROS award