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An unforgettably elegant interpretation. Virtuosity in Saint-Saëns as you’ve never heard it before. Unbelievable complicity between a soloist and his conductor, François-Xavier Roth, who records here first disc with the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra of which he is the new musical director.

Tedi Papavrami, François-Xavier Roth and the the Liège Philharmonic Orchestra sing in four scores the solo violin as seen by the French in the 19th century: a violin completely different from what could be found in the rest of Europe, and which is not without recalling the ‘little phrase’ of the famous Vinteuil Sonata as fantasised about by Marcel Proust…

“Chausson’s Poème has always had an extremely powerful emotional effect on me”, says Tedi Papavrami. “There is a painful sincerity in Chausson, which distinguishes him from other French composers of the period – with whom he shares the harmonic refinement. I am always amazed at his way of assimilating the Wagnerian heritage whilst composing music that is unquestionably French. It is a wrenching, contrasted work, going from the ethereal to bitterness by way of breathless rage. It was after having heard Poème élégiaque d’Ysäye that Chausson composed his Poème! Listening to it, the influence is obvious – the same colours, same key, same Franckist seriousness -, and this orchestral version – the Liège Philharmonic must be one of the rare orchestras to have the parts (Ysaÿe was born in Liège) – seemed ideal to me for completing the second pole of the programme as a counterweight to Saint-Saëns.”

GRAMOPHONE Editor's Choice award 4 étoiles Classica award