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M. da Gagliano, S. Rossi, J. Peri, T. Merula, S. d'India, S. Landi, G.B. Riccio, M. Pesenti, G. Trabacci, C. Lambardi, N. Borboni, O. Bassani, C. Monteverdi Canzoni and Madrigali on poems from Petrarch's Canzionere. Maria Cristina Kiehr, Stephan Van Dyck La Fenice (Jean Tubéry, Gebhard David, Christina Pluhar, Jean-Marc Aymes)

With the participation of Salomé Haller, Pascal Bertin, Jan Van Elsacker and Stephen McLeod Total Time: 59'30 After having devoted itselve to the instrumental music of the Venetian virtuosi (Dialoghi venetiani) and to the sacred repertoire of the two great liturgical festivals of the year, The Heritage of Monteverdi collection leads us into the intimate world ot the secular music on the Seicento. Poems from Petrarch's Canzionere, the great masterpiece of Italian classical literature, are the basis for the works selected on this recording, delightfully performed by Maria Cristina Kiehr and Stephan Van Dyck.