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With the participation of: Dirk Roofthooft, Katelijne Verbeke, Barbara Hannigan, Omar Ebrahim, Susanne Duwe, Alice Foccroulle, Susanne Hawkins, Els Mondelaers

This opera was recorded during the memorable performance given at the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie in Brussels under Patrick Davin's baton, in the spring of 2009. Kris Defoort's new opera is the first in a series devoted to this extraordinary composer with Fuga Libera. He was first trained in baroque music at the Ghent Conservatory (under Barthold Kuijken, Jos Van Immerseel...), then in jazz and composition at the Liège Conservatory (with Rzewski, List, Boesmans...), and finally he immersed himself in the New York Jazz scene. Since his return to Belgium in 1991, he animates the Belgian jazz world with his strong personality. His unique talent was discovered by the "classical" world through his work in musical theatre and revealed in 2001 by the opera The Woman Who Walked into Doors - an order from the Théâtre Royal de la Monnaie - which soon spread across Europe. A dream world, a contemporary "verist" language, in the noblest meaning of the word and music that is "rich, ambiguous, meaty and free" (in the words of Philippe Boesmans).