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« Blessed the people who sing, and leave to others the cruel and sad task of sharpening their cutlasses.»


Louis Sébastien Mercier. 1788


It is whilst singing that the French people would go about killing one another over almost a decade, sharpening their songs and their refrains into bloodthirsty cutting blades! Had Louis XVI paid some attention to the new songs, well before the Taking of the Bastille, he would have understood that his government was faltering and that “the good French people” were no longer only singing romances, drinking songs and village dance music.

On the disc France : 1789 – Révolte en musique d’un sans-culotte & un contre-révolutionnaire, Louis-Ange Pitou, Spy to the Queen, and Ladré, author of « Ça ira », come up against each other in a terrible verbal and musical joust, revealing a forceful period of our history, one of France’s « great civil wars »: the 1789 Revolution. This recording has a universal and founding scope in the contemporary Western world. It explores an untrodden path and we have therefore decided to publish it separately from existing collections, accompanied by an 80-page booklet (colour), replacing this very specific repertoire in an accessible context.

JOKER CRESCENDO (plus récent) award 4 étoiles Classica award