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Accordone has many prize-winning recordings on Alpha and Cypres to its credit and has now inaugurated its collaboration with Arcana. Two undisputed authorities in this repertoire: the sounds of their childhood and homeland in a programme of high evocative power. This programme was launched in 1998 and was finally recorded in October 2009, after 11 years of concerts all over the world. After a long period of maturation, Fra’ Diavolo crowns the concert experience and is the authentic testimony of a shared artistic journey.

Ancient pieces, arising from human need to speak of events and of himself, of his companions of labour and daily toils, out of time or place but certainly a common occurrence in the Kingdom of Naples of the Eighteenth Century. For a long time the so-called tarantella repertoire – profound but at the same time easy to listen to – has been subjected to commercial exploitation, but Fra’ Diavolo goes beyond these earlier efforts in the completeness with which they present the variety of forms featured in the traditional music of southern Italy.

The choice of a typically baroque instrumental ensemble corresponds to the ideal of a particular timbre, and strives to embrace the voices and percussion with an accompaniment which is quite straightforward but of unaccustomed elegance in this repertoire.

Choc Classica award