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This cd is a reproduction of the atmosphere created during the performance of FOI. Ars Nova music (14th Century) sung by the Capilla Flamenca and traditional Italian music sung by Christine Leboutte and the dancers of Les Ballets C. de la B. is combined with fragments of the dialogues of the performance Foi. A booklet in three languages includes notes about the music and dance and contains all the songtexts illuminated with marvellous pictures.

All the dimensions of 14th-century music are heard on this recording, including both 'learned' (notated) music, as found in mass movements, motets, courtly dances, and 'simple' (non-notated) music, which has come down to us in oral traditions.

This diversity guarantees a varied selection of music that continues not only to captivate us today as listeners, but can also touch us emotionally and spiritually.The three songs from the oral tradition heard on this recording form part of the rich repertoire of music for the Holy Week in Italy. They continue to be transmitted today in the villages of southern Italy, sung by non-professional singers in Easter processions.