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This recording has been reissued in the Essential Baroque Masterpieces collection with an exclusive interview of Vincent Dumestre:  

"Our approach to this programme was completely focused on the voice, because it’s specifi cally vocal music. The instruments become an integral part of the discourse: they no longer play colla parte, doubling the voices, as in the sixteenth century; they have their own independent parts and ca n also improvise, as in the case of the basso continuo.

This repertory also calls for a wider knowledge of the artistic environment of its time, and for expertise in the techniques and styles described in contemporary methods, prefaces and treatises – notably the texts of Peri and Caccini from the period that concerns us here. I’ve always been particularly sensitive to the correspondences between poetry and harmony – as the name Le Poème Harmonique attests – but, more generally, I like music to form part of a universe inclusive of all the arts and of life itself."

- Vincent Dumestre