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This album is a means to discover the music of the Fang people, who represented a third of Gabon’s population in the early nineties. Fang music is closely linked to the religious sentiment of this people, who live in forest village-states. The music guarantees the community’s cohesion but also expresses its existential fears, metaphysical projects and moral values, starting from Eyo, the ‘first principle’ and origin of all beings, a concept very similar to the Chinese Tao which also promotes the cult of ancestors. The vision of a cosmic cycle is apparent in the essentially functional music, which is open to external influences and therefore capable of surviving for several centuries. Thanks to this paradox, the musical tradition, and its songs and dances associated with every event of collective life, has reached us.

The album was recorded in Gabon by Lou and Claude Flagel in 1991 and is dedicated to the memory of the ethnomusicologist and Gabon specialist Pierre Sallée (1933-1987).

Original booklet available below in English, French and Flemish.

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