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For many years, the Chamber Choir ‘Les Cris de Paris’, which was well known for its commitment to contemporary creation, had the habit of ending its shows by an « Encore ». Specially written by the arranger of the band, and derived from songs that did not belong to the world of classical music, a brand new repertoire of multiple shapes has been build over time: Madonna, Zappa, Björk, Kylie Minogue and Spears (Britney…) but also Brel, Gainsbourg…

To celebrate its tenth birthday with a wink, Alpha decided to get totally involved in this special adventure that scrambles the boundaries between classical music and the one that is not. The very pure pleasure of music is to be found here in different registers but with 3 key requirements:

- The execution is exclusively realised by the singers, including all the instrumental and percussion effects.

- The technical level and the virtuosity of each of the singers is a real reference in this kind of production, this allows them to be successively soloist and a part of the ensemble.

- The quality and the creativity of the arrangements bring a new life to the original songs, life that transforms them and pushes them into another universe, totally different from the sphere of the pop music.

Special project means special packaging. The ENCORES album has little in common with our usual collections, so we gave it an original and festive appearance, with a circular metal box, that both reminds us of the world of the night and of the diversity of the contents.

What is the message from this production, produced by a label that distinguishes itself since ten years by its rigor and its commitment to the Baroque times? First, it reminds us that music stays, above all, an infinite source of joy and happiness. Then (and most importantly), it helps the larger public to discover that beauty, so much in need in our world, can be found in an ‘air de Cour’ as well as in a Bach fugue or in a simple song.

Jean-Paul Combet