• Fernando Sor

    Early Works

    William Carter

    Early Works 1 cd CKR343
    Linn Records

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World-renowned Baroque guitarist William Carter presents an appealing collection of early works by Spanish guitar virtuoso and composer Fernando Sor. Carter believes Sor’s guitar music is some of the finest ever written for the instrument. Fernando Sor: Early Works includes three large-scale works, interspersed with shorter pieces, which are charming and intimate with a strong Spanish flavour. Carter employs a performance practice endorsed by Sor himself – playing without fingernails – making this a truly unique recording. Carter’s use of his fingertips delivers wider dynamic contrasts and a softer, more subtle sound. This is the premiere recording of Sor’s early works to explore this performance practice. Carter’s recording is a blend of his incredible knowledge of the instrument and composer, his extensive research and endless hours of perfecting his technique.